It’s windy today.
The wind is so powerful.They sand dance in the sky.(I may use “sands” here, so you can imagine the sand take all the place of BeiJing).
People cannot open theirs eyes.really bad experience.I miss yearn days at WuHan.BeiJing is not a right place.
I dreamed about my brother the day before yesterday. I should help him to find a job. He think he have got a good job.But he don’t know  that job will make him sick. I must handle it.
Google show us his new Chinese name.That’s really bad.Keso( allways say something about and ,but this time he just say “monstrosity”. Every Gfans (fans of want to Fuck the Chairman of google china,for his badly naming.He just say”monstrosity”,I think he must come to terms with I admired him for a long time.Now, I don’t .